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How much does it cost to join the Life Changers Community?

It costs $10 per account renewable annually.

Can I register more than one account?

Yes, you can registers as many sub accounts as possible under your main account such that, they will be managed easily by accessing them from your main account but, you are advised to maintain the number of accounts that you can conveniently manage, as dormant accounts can ultimately reduce your potential success.

How many people do I need to sponsor before I can earn?

You earn on the registration of your first downline, which of course can be due to spill over and not necessarily sponsored by you.

How many people am I expected to bring into my network directly under me?

You are expected to bring a minimum of two people directly with your username.

What happens when I directly sponsor more than two persons?

Two people will be placed directly under you and the rest will spill over to your down liners who have not sponsored anybody under them, thereby helping your organization to grow faster.

Must I complete all the stages before I get paid?

No, you are paid instantly on any downline that joins you on any stage you have attained.

How do I withdraw my earning(Money) and my non-cash incentive like smartphone, tablets and cars?

Cash withdrawal is done from your e-wallet while for the non-cash incentives, you would get it from the company’s headquarter but those that don’t have access to the company headquarter, the money equivalent to the non-cash incentives would be deposited in their e-wallet.

How much is the withdrawal fee?

The withdrawal fee is 5%

Is there a monthly or yearly membership subscription?

Yes, you have to renew your membership annually which is $10

When do I get my rewards?

Awards are given after your qualification. You qualify after the completion of the particular stage that has the award.

Is it possible for my downline to break away from me?

No, here, there is no break away. Your downline follows you all through your life time in this business. However, an active downline can overtake a lazy upline.

Can I use my commission to register other partners?

Yes. You can collect cash from your intending downline and transfer from your e-wallet for the purpose of registration, as well as you can register them directly using your wallet balance.

How long would it take for me to complete all the stages?

It depends on individual abilities and capabilities.

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