Life Changers is a membership empowerment based digital Community where people from diverse race, class, clan, work and nation come together to amplify their mutual and conjoint interest. In a nut shell, Life Changers stand to amplify mutual interests and success through the power of numbers – The ability to negotiate better terms and benefits through the notion that a group of people have more influence or power than one person. In Life Changers, we believe that Life is all about impact, and that’s our primordial and fundamental goal;
– To create and cause impact in the lives of the men and women of the world, using love, care and prosperity as our tool.


A Loving World With Care And Prosperity.


Building a Sustainable Loving Community through Care and Prosperity


Changing and Impacting Lives Together

1) Partnership and Networking Opportunities

A community like this will always provide an opportunity for members to mix and mingle, form new relationships and strengthen existing ones. As a result of this, members will be able to partner and carry out business, create awareness of other investments and more importantly bring forth new ideas and innovations. Those that have capital but lack the business model to invest in will fine those that have excellent business models but lack the funds to bring their business to life. Through this platform people will be able to get capital assistance to expand their businesses, carry out joined venture and even cause multinational to open branches in their countries. In a nut shell, in Life Changers you will find any type of partner that you want provided it is legitimate.

2) Growth Opportunity

Another fascinating thing about Life Changers is that, it has a network marketing plan. With this plan, it is possible for members to move from one level to another, earning all the financial and material benefits that this plan has to offer. To make matters more interesting, you don’t need to pay huge sums of money to move from one level to another. In our community money does not define your growth, the people you bring in do. Remember, our product is the strength that is embedded in our numbers, and so the more people you bring in, the more the community grows and the more negotiation power the community generate, the more influence we possess to negotiate and create better conditions for our dwellers.

3) Our Community is Open to All

Again, we offer another great caring function. In our community we do not discriminate, we do not consider your religion, race, occupation or your geographical location. As long as you are a person above 18 and who can uphold and respects the community terms and conditions, then you are welcome.

4) Free Training Opportunity

There is always room for improvement and upgrade and what better way is there, if not through the help of experts and professionals. Worthy of note is the fact that, the community administrators will be organizing free spontaneous and sporadic training programs on diverse topics and fields. These trainings will provides community members with the opportunity to meet well-trained experts and professionals that will help them develop their already existing abilities and also help them discover new ones.

5) We Provide Information

It is good to know that this community does not only educate its members but, it also provide information to community dwellers. Our community will be linked to thousands of other websites where our members will get information on diverse topics and subjects. Also, through our community, our members will be referred to other web sites where they will get more information concerning a particular subject. For example, if you are a researcher, you will receive notifications, emails and newsletters whenever a research grant or scholarship is out. In that way, our members we will stay informed and up-to-date all the time.

6) Security

In Life Changers, we have made it our job to scrutinize all our partners and business transactions or scheme that will be trending in our community. More importantly, those who will be dealing with direct cash transactions will have to provide guarantors, collateral and underwriters that will take responsibility for any transaction gone wrong. Also, we have introduced the policy of block payment. This policy holds that whenever a member doubts a certain transaction or the financial credibility of another member, he or she just needs to report the transaction to the administrators. The administrator will block the payment at the receiving end until the sender confirms that, he has received what he paid for. That way, we are sure of the investments of our members and any business transaction running on our community.

7) Opportunity to meet “Like-Minded” people

Passion and productivity is good but, they could be enhanced and heightened when you meet and mingle with people who think, talk and act like you, and this is found in this community. This community accommodates people from all works of life; Speakers, Lawyers, Teachers, Business men and women, priest, just to name a few. This platform will create several sub communities within the community, and these sub communities (Family) will constitute an avenue where people will be able to meet men and women of their profession, skill and vocation.

8) Low Priced Quality goods and services

Bulk buying makes it possible for cash and trade discount to be possible. Since we have a strong negotiation power which comes as a result of our numbers, we will be able to negotiate and get goods and services at much reduced prices. The community administration will used our joined and collective influence to get organizations, companies and establishments to give discounts to members of the Life Changers community. Once as a member registers, the community will generates a unique QR code which will be used whenever our member want to buy or acquire a product or a service from any of our partners. The QR code is used by our partners to confirm your membership in the Life Changers community so that you can benefit from our negotiations.

9) Free Advertisement opportunity for members

Nowadays, advertisement is an important means for growing one’s business. The good news is advertisement is effective but, the bad news is that it’s expensive. No advert is done these days for free but in Life Changers we offer our members the option to advertise their products and services on our platform for free. Think of it this way, Life Changers is a large community with thousands of people worldwide, and that means that whatever you advertise on our platform will go viral. Wow! That for me is phenomenal and sensational - getting a large publicity campaign for free. Of course it’s a wonderful benefit and advantage which you will not get to enjoy in other platforms.

Life Changers